Website updates

Hey everyone! Well, after spending many hours on trying to make this page more usable, I have decided to start using WordPress which allows me to make this site mobile friendly!  I hope it is looking better for you and more easy to read!

Over the next few weeks you may see some outages on the site as I’m still working on domain forwarding.  You will also notice that some pages are not complete yet, but I will keep plugging away at it.  I do plan to add some more pages on health and grooming as well along with some general breed info.

I do encourage you to research the breed you are interested in on your own as well.  You can find quite a bit on the history of the Selkirk Rex, Persian, Himalayan and Exotic Short/Longhair on the CFA website.

More kitten info should be posted this weekend! Stay tuned to this page and my Facebook page for more info…

Mocha loves her babies!

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