2 weeks old!

So the babies are just a little over two weeks old and starting to toddle around and play and oh my, they are sooooo cute.  We really just wish we could keep them all, but know we can’t.     Please contact me if you think you would like one!

Chocolate & white male #1 – $700



Chocolate & white Male #2 – $850 – Available

Ok, so I am really in love with this little boy and REALLY want to keep him, but I REALLY don’t need another male!  He has a goofy personality just like his dad, who is quite bonded with everyone in the family.  His dad is an excellent companion, doesn’t spray and is a house cat through and through, and I think this boy will be much the same.  I may be persuaded to let him go, so contact me and we can talk.


Himalayan female (probably chocolate point with white/bicolor) – cattery hold, may be available later

Yet, another sweet baby! This little girl is pretty smart already, she just looks around and supervises the boys.  She is going to be stunning when she grows up and should have some really unique markings. Sorry, about the messy face, mama isn’t doing a great job keeping them clean.




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