Both kittens now available!

Josie(female) will be a long haired Lilac throwback to a Persian but registered as a Selkirk Rex.  She is super duper sweet and always has that little tail sticking straight up!  Her coat will be very long and will take some extra grooming.  Her eyes will be copper.  Price is $850

Toby(male) is a RARE chocolate point with short hair Selkirk Rex!  He is more independent than Josie but loves being petted and exploring.  His little tail is usually up too! These are just a really happy pair of babies.  $SOLD

Both babies are working on potty training and eating this week and are doing well at both!  These kittens will be ready to go in about 7 weeks.  If you are interested in one you must fill out my questionnaire if you want a response:

If you have a bunch of questions, be sure to check out the Buying info and FAQ pages first. 🙂

We also have a Persian/Exotic Longhair  litter due any day!

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