Feel free to contact me at lilfoxkits@lilfoxkits.com AFTER you read the Contact Page as it lists the info I need from you when inquiring about a kitten.

Mocha & Dash Babies are now open for Deposit!  $100 holds your baby until he’s ready to go! We believe both are boys but will double check soon to confirm! $750 and ready to go in about 8-10 weeks.

Himalayan – colorpoint undetermined at this time. Will be longhaired and blue eyed! Available

RARE COLOR – Chocolate and white bi-color- will be long haired and have copper eyes. Available



BEAUTIFUL solid Lilac Selkirk Rex, throwback to a Persian!  This little darling is just perfect! $SOLD – no breeding rights for Selkirk Rex, please talk to me about other breeds. (no munchkins).  Will be ready to go end of August 2018.


Persian/Exotic Longhair litter pics coming soon.