Please read before contacting me!

***Serious Inquiries only Please (yes, that is me begging you to not waste my time!)***

I get several inquiries a week on kittens, even when I don’t have any available. I will not respond to one line email inquiries. I don’t do it to be rude but it does tell me that the person inquiring did not read my website or isn’t interested enough to tell me about themselves and I just don’t have time to respond to every single email I get like that. If you take the time to write me a sensible email, I will take the time to write you back.

 Things I like to know about you:

  • Your name (you would not believe the amount of people who don’t include this)
  • Your location (City and State)
  • If you are not in driving distance to Billings, MT, how will you get your kitten?
  • Do you rent or own your home? (If you rent, can you get a letter of approval from your landlord?)
  •  Did you speak with other members of your household about getting a kitty? (If not, please do so before contacting me)
  • Will the kitty be indoors or outdoors (I’m not opposed to outdoor,  properly caged kitties) tell me about your setup or planned setup
  • What is your experience with the breed you are inquiring about?
  •  Anything else about your past and current pets and/or family that you think I might like to know.
  • Which Kitten are you interested in (name of current kitten or do you want a future kitten?)

Of course, if you have already went through this process, you don’t  have to do it again, this is just for new inquiries. I do ask you contact me through my email and not Facebook as I don’t always see messages.