Are my cats hypoallergenic? Do they shed?

No, my cats are not hypoallergenic.  Yes, they shed, like banshies in the summer time and require regular grooming!


I often get asked what kinds of food I feed and the two brands I use are listed below. While this is just my preference I have done tons of research on cat food and find these work best for my cats. The reason why I chose these two is because they have never been recalled and contain natural ingredients. These are more expensive brands (about $30 a bag), feeding poor quality cat food can cause many health issues and end up costing you more in the long run. Please do not feed your cats junk food such as common box store brands!!! (This will void our contract in its entirety)

NutriSource can be often found at local feed stores, specialty pet stores,  and wag.com

To learn more about NutriSource, please click here

The 2nd brand of food is Life’s Abundance, which I don’t use very often anymore because it is pretty fatty.  It is still a good food and worth mentioning though.  A lot of the better shelters will use this to help bring a cat back into good condition or to help gain weight. It is also good for pregnant and nursing queens.  I don’t recommend this for long term use in males.

A research company has done some wonderful research on cat food, where does your cat food rank?  Has it been recalled?  Does it contain good ingredients?

Click here to find out!


Litter & Litter Boxes


The litterbox I use is from Omega Paw and it is wonderful!! For years I fought with sifters and automatic litter boxes, this one takes me seconds to change! Nearly all of my cats use these now! I’ve found these at Walmart, Petsmart and Petco, Amazon, etc.

I now mostly use Tidy Cats multi cats scoopable litter (NOT the lightweight variety! It is terrible!!)

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