Both kittens now available!

Josie(female) will be a long haired Lilac throwback to a Persian but registered as a Selkirk Rex.  She is super duper sweet and always has that little tail sticking straight up!  Her coat will be very long and will take some extra grooming.  Her eyes will be copper.  Price is $850

Toby(male) is a RARE chocolate point with short hair Selkirk Rex!  He is more independent than Josie but loves being petted and exploring.  His little tail is usually up too! These are just a really happy pair of babies.  $SOLD

Both babies are working on potty training and eating this week and are doing well at both!  These kittens will be ready to go in about 7 weeks.  If you are interested in one you must fill out my questionnaire if you want a response:

If you have a bunch of questions, be sure to check out the Buying info and FAQ pages first. 🙂

We also have a Persian/Exotic Longhair  litter due any day!

This entry was posted on July 20, 2018.

4 weeks old!

Say hi to Josie and Toby! They are doing great and getting big!

Toby is still available for $750 and Josie may be available at a later date so if you are interested in her, just email me and I’ll let you know when/if I’m ready to let her go.  You can also see videos of them if you visit my facebook page! Please answer the questions on the contact page when you contact me!

Toby is shorthaired and will have more of doll face. He would be okay to use in a Selkirk Breeding program.

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2 weeks old!

Babies have their eyes open!  They already have very sweet personalities, usually babies this young you really can’t tell but when you hold them, they are not nervous or scared. They just look around or at you and and enjoy the petting.  I’ve also noticed them playing in their nest already so I think they are going to be super smart!  They are definitely advanced for their age!

One kitten is available for deposit, the other I’m hanging onto to see how she develops for a while.

If you are interested in a putting a deposit down, I require half down unless we make other arrangements.  You also must answer the questionnaire on the contact page.  I will not respond if you don’t.  I’ve just had too many people wasting my time lately, this way I know you are serious!  This litter will be registered as straight haired Selkirk Rex but will have more of the Persian type.


Male Seal or Chocolate Point – Long haired Available for Deposit $750


Lilac Female – Not available at this time, maybe later

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Kittens are here!

So far we have two babies, both straight haired! One lilac and one colorpoint!  More info coming soon!  This is an extra special bday for the babies because it is also my mom’s birthday! Every once in a while mom pops in from Heaven and sends us little surprises like this!


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Hopefully soon!

Still no kittens but should be any day now.

I’ve had several people contact me about this litter, please remember you MUST answer the questions on the Contact page or I will not respond and I most definitely won’t respond to one line emails with no info, sorry!  One line emails with no name, contact info, etc shows me you are not serious about your inquiry.

The kitties at LilFox thank you!

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Kittens are coming!

Finally! We have a Selkirk Rex litter due within the next few weeks!  Kittens can be curly haired, straight haired, short or long haired!  Possible colors include chocolates, lilacs, colorpoints and more! Reservations will be accepted on some kittens when they are 2 weeks old.  Mom of this litter is Ridley and dad is Pappi. pappiridley12112







We also may have a Persian litter on the way but I won’t know for a few more weeks yet!

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Our break is over!

We all just need a little break from the internet world for a while.  I have opened the website back up, but do not have any kittens right now, hopefully later this Spring I’ll have some news for you.  I didn’t forget about those on the waitlist and still have you all written down.

In the meantime, I do have a few adult breeders that I’m considering placing and possibly one adult pet.  I haven’t quite decided on the breeders yet, but if you contact me and tell me a bit about your setup, we can talk about it and I’ll decide from there.  I have thousands invested in my cats, so they won’t be free, but will be an okay deal for someone. All would be chocolate or lilac carriers.   I do not ship, you would have to come get whoever you choose.

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Adults available

Hi Everyone!  Thanks for following and enjoying our babies as much as we do!  This past litter will be the last litter of the year and they are now all spoken for!  I do hope to do a few more breedings as the girls cycle but those babies won’t be ready until 2018.  Once I have confirmed breedings I will accept pre-birth deposits. This is something I rarely do, but I am looking for specific color and type and know I will be lucky to get exactly what I am working towards.  More info to come on that.

I do have some adults available, including a few breeding aged cats. So please email me privately for more info.  All of my cats carry or are visual for chocolate & lilac.

The cat shown below is sold, but I do have others.

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New pics of baby girl –


Kitten will be marked sold as soon she is sold, we keep this site updated.

You can email us directly as but you must answer our short list of questions on the contact page to get a response.

Serious inquiries will take the time to fill out the questionnaire and that’s how we weed out time wasters or scammers from ones who really want our kittens. Thank you! 🙂


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Only one baby girl left!

This precious Himalayan girl is Available! $650 takes her home!  We are hoping to have a Selkirk Rex litter ready to go around Christmas time.  I will begin accepting deposits for that litter once the breeding is confirmed.  Please email us at if you’d like to adopt this girl or a Selkirk kitten.


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